Harry Styles Cuts His Hair And Donates It To Charity

Say it ain't so, Harry.

Fans who worshipped the famously long hair of One Direction singer Harry Styles learned today that the 22-year-old just cut it off in the name of charity.

Styles — who, along with his bandmates, is on a hiatus throughout early 2016 — photographed himself holding his hair in his hands in a braided ponytail. He posted the image on Instagram on Friday.

"Whoops," Harry wrote on Instagram.


The good news is that Styles donated the hair to U.K. charity Little Princess Trust, an organization that gives real hair for children going through cancer treatment. Styles previously said that he was growing his signature hair for the purposes of eventually donating it to charity.

For some fans, the news of Styles cutting his hair was simply too much to handle. The hashtag #RIPHarrysHair trended on Twitter, as fans were sad to see the loss of their icon's signature look.

But other fans thanked Styles for his altruistic action.

Cover image via DFree / Shutterstock.com


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