This Bodybuilder With One Arm Proves That Nothing Can Stop You From Chasing Your Dreams

Making every day count.

Athlete Luke Ericson was born without a left arm or a fully developed left lung, but he didn't let that stop him from following his dreams.

In the video below, Ericson shows off his impressive fitness skills. Doing pushups and pullups with one arm like it's no biggie, he leaves us all speechless. 

Later on in the clip, the athlete opens up about how he's making sure to make the most of his life.


"It's your body, it's your life. You only get one of each," Ericson says.

It's a pretty incredible sentiment, and one that's sure to inspire people to take better care of themselves, whether that means getting a little more fit, or having a little more fun.

To keep up to date with Ericson's fitness routines, make sure to follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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