People Are Posting Pictures Of Themselves On Tinder Vs. How They Look At Tinder. The Results Will Crack You Up.


Online dating can be difficult.


You have to make sure you're showcasing the best version of yourself, even if that means taking 100 selfies before deciding on the best one.  After all, that arduous process is worth it for that right swipe on Tinder. 

But let's get real — usually one perfect selfie isn't representative of how you look in real life when you're looking atotherpeople's online dating profiles from the privacy of your own home. 

So, to shed some light on the disparity between how we look on Tinder vs. how we look at Tinder, people are using the hashtag #OnTinderAtTinder to post their side-by-side pics. The results are pretty hilarious, and oddly comforting as they remind us we are all just regular, normal messes at home, using dating apps.

1. Time for a reality check.

2. Glasses are always tough to pull off in the profile picture.

3. We don't always have the perfect lighting.

4. Glam just got a dose of realness.

5. Hey, it takes awhile to get your hair right, so why bother if you're not taking a selfie?

6. We're just gonna LOL at this one. Pretty much sums it up.

7. He looks super nice either way.

8. It's hard to always be suave, especially if no one is looking.

9. It's amazing how the sunglasses change too.

10. Ms. Piggy knows the struggle all too well.

11. Good thing we don't have to FaceTime while using Tinder.

12. At least Bumble will allow her to make the first move.

13. We've all been there.

14. Everyone knows cat hugs ARE the dream.


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