Team USA Athletes Share Their Biggest Superstitions

Left sock first — always.


What's your biggest superstition? Black cats? Walking under a ladder? Stepping on a sidewalk crack?

In a relatable, quirky video for Self Magazine, Team USA reveals their own, odd superstitions too — most of which are related to their pre-competition routines.

The video features fencer Miles Chamley-Watson, paralympic swimmer Jessica Long, water polo player Courtney Mathewson, and soccer player Ali Krieger, among others.

The only exception? Gymnast Gabby Douglas, who tells Self she has zero superstitions before a competition.

Check out what some of the athletes had to say below and hear all their superstitions in the full video above.

"The strangest, weirdest superstition I have is when someone steps on my feet, I have to step on their feet also." — Miles Chamley-Watson

"Right before I race, when I step up on the block, I clap my hands three times and then I shake out my arms twice." — Jessica Long

"I eat gummy worms the night before every race."

"Putting on my left before my right ... my left shoe before my right shoe, and my left shin guard before my right shin guard." — Ali Krieger


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