Photographer Shows How To Live Life Absurdly With These Playful Photos

No, but, that's actually how people kiss, right?

Some of the simplest, most routine things we do are ones we don't even think about anymore. Brushing your teeth? Check. Using chopsticks? Check. Kissing? After many fumbled attempts, check. 

Focusing on the everyday tasks we perform (except with drastically messy results), photographer Olivia Locher created a tongue-in-cheek photo series entitled How To. It shows how the most habitual activities can become messed up, like ...


How to Tie Your Shoes

'How To' by Olivia Locher

How to Kiss

'How To' by Olivia Locher


How to Grow Taller

'How To' by Olivia Locher

Locher told A Plus that inspiration struck after a few disastrous experiences with cooking and baking. While many would have thrown in the towel (literally), Locher said she found it fascinating how something as simple as instruction could produce drastically different results if altered in the slightest. 

How to Know if It's Love

'How To' by Olivia Locher

"Someone would explain to me (verbally) how to prepare something [in the kitchen]," she told A Plus, "then I'd go home, and morbidly distort their directions and come up with something similar but at the same time completely different."

How to Wear Makeup When You Have Beauty Troubles

'How To' by Olivia Locher

How To has an simple message. "[It is] to not take your failures too seriously," she told A Plus, "and to find enjoyment in the absurd."

And whimsically absurd it is. 

Here's more of her photos from How To:

How to Grow Flowers

'How To' by Olivia Locher

How to Feel Grounded

'How To' by Olivia Locher

How to Apply Lipstick

'How To' by Olivia Locher

How to Be Invisible

'How To' by Olivia Locher

How to Safety Proof A Cactus

'How To' by Olivia Locher

How to Beat A Rubik's Cube

'How To' by Olivia Locher

Head over to her website for more interesting photos.

Cover image via Olivia Locher


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