17 Vintage Ads That Are So Wrong You Can't Unsee Them

What were people thinking?

When it seems like today's advertising goes pretty far, it turns out that the ads from years ago were incredibly obscene. Some of the old advertisements were sexist, racist and provided incredibly inaccurate medical information. You should be relieved that you live in an age in which you don't have to see such wrong ads.

Here are 17 vintage ads that should be outlawed and you won't believe were real. You've been warned:

1. Awkward wording here.

Real ad from 50s

2. If your dentist says so, it must be true.

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3. Cigarettes marketed as preventing a cough.

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4. At least they're honest.

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5. It's shocking that this was real.

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6. Cigarettes that "treat" asthma.

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7. It's unbelievable that this ad existed.

4 of 5 White Guys Agree

8. Something is wrong about this one.

Too Soon?

9. Be very glad that vile ads like this one don't exist today.


10. Cocaine as a cure for toothaches.

No Explanation Needed

11. You probably can't believe that this was an actual ad.

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12. This imagery is unheard of.

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13. Pretty sure babies don't need to shave.

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14. This is abhorrent.

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15. How on earth could this be a thing?

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16. This is not how food is made.

A Pig Slicing Pieces of Flesh Out of His Body

17. The craziest beer ad ever.

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