Go Back To Simpler Times With These Real VHS Versions Of Modern Films

Tapes. TAPES.

If the concept of "rewinding" a movie in its entirety is foreign to you, chances are you were born in this millennium. There's nothing wrong with that, but it does mean you've never truly experienced VHS tapes and VCRs, a reality which those born in the '90s and earlier likely consider appalling.

Although objectively of a lower quality than DVDs or streaming services, those rectangular boxes of entertainment still evoke fond memories on par to vinyl records. Plenty of people still get a sharp pang of nostalgia when coming across a rare copy of either at a garage sale, and Matthew Dix, the creator of OfftrackOutlet, is probably one of them. 

The project lives on both Instagram and Tumblr, where images and short video clips document Dix's VHS recreations of several modern films. His work is a heartfelt homage to a different time, mapping the humble look and feel of home movies from the past onto the hits of today. As for what triggered the hobby, it all comes from a love of vintage film art.

"I was initially inspired by how much I appreciated the '80s style and look of VHS," Dix said in an email to A Plus. "I feel as though modern movie posters lack the charm and stylistic creativity that old school movies had and thought I'd try to bring it back."

Not only does Dix create retro box designs for recent films such as Nightcrawler, Jurassic World, and Birdman, but he actually transfers the movies to working VHS tapes—although that comparatively doesn't take much effort. "The covers take the most time to make," he said. "I design the boxes on Photoshop and then print them out at home. The recording is the simple part."

Unfortunately, there's no way to purchase his work (logistically for one thing, but mainly in a legal sense), so for now, just let the retro art and authentically worn cardboard edges take you back to simpler times that you may or may not have been a part of.

Here's "The Force Awakens" looking like it's part of the original trilogy:

"Mad Max: Fury Road," with the tape out of its box:

Maybe "Deadpool" should have been a '90s rom-com:

Recognize this clamshell style for Disney's "Big Hero 6"?

And here's proof the tapes actually work:

Solid collection.

Cover image: OfftrackOutlet Instagram


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