Police Officer Saves Baby's Life After He Stopped Breathing

He saved little Harrison's life.

A police officer's job is to protect and to serve, and British policeman Steve Norton did that and more for one of London's youngest citizens this past December. 

When mom Jo Paine realized that her infant son, Harrison, couldn't breathe in the middle of the night, she called for help. Already patrolling in the neighborhood, Officer Norton was first on the scene. He immediately sprung into action.

According to the Metropolitan Police Service's Facebook page, he ran with the baby in his arms from the woman's home to St. George's Hospital. 

"I knew that every second was crucial to for this tiny baby who was not breathing properly," he told the department. "Sprinting with a fragile baby in heavy body armour was exhausting and stressful, but the moment I handed him to the medical professionals in the resuscitation room, I knew that I did absolutely everything I could for Harrison and Jo."

Jo told The Telegraph that she had complete trust in the officer from the start. "At that moment in time, I believed that he would do all he could to help my baby," she said.

The three appeared on "Good Morning Britain" where mom, baby and officer reunited under much happier circumstances. When asked why he did what he did, Officer Norton gave a humble answer.

"I just thought if it was my son I'd want to get him help as quickly as possible." 

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