Officer Lifts Lost Boy On His Shoulders To Help Him Find His Mom, Melts Hearts Everywhere

An officer's duty is to protect, serve and provide shoulder lifts.

Getting lost is a scary experience for a kid, but a police officer helped make it less so for a little boy at a state fair. 

According to Reddit user twofold48, who snapped the below photo, the officer put the little boy on his shoulders so he was able to spot his mother in the crowd. They had gotten separated, like many little kids do from time to time.

Walking through a crowd of much taller people is scary even without being lost, so it's nice to see these two going to extra mile. 

We don't know if he was able to spot his mom from up there or by alternate means, but we're sure she's thankful.

We're definitely thankful for the pick-me-up. 


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