This 4-Year-Old Had Concerns About Monsters In Her New House. So, A Police Officer Came Over To Help.

"It’s just amazing the confidence he’s given her."

Police officers are called to take care of a variety of situations, ranging from the very minor to the very serious and dangerous. But no matter what the case, every police officer has a duty to address the safety concerns and make sure everything is OK. 

So, when Officer David Bonday heard a complaint from 4-year-old Sidney  Fahrenbruch, he took it very seriously, The toddler, who met the officer at a community event earlier in the month, told Bonday she was worried there were monsters in her family's new house in Longmont, Colorado. She said she heard sounds when the TV wasn't on and when people weren't up. 


Like any good police officer, Bonday went over to the house to check for monsters.

The Longmont Fire, Police, and OEM wrote about the search on their Facebook page and shared a photo of Officer Bonday and Sidney — both wearing police uniforms — hard at work, looking for monsters under the couch. They also looked for creatures outside, in closets, and under other pieces of furniture.

After a search of the house, they deemed it clear of monsters.

Sidney's mom, Megan Fahrenbruch, said Officer Bonday's search really helped Sidney. "It's just amazing the confidence he's given her. We're truly grateful to live in a town where the police officer will pay a kid any attention," she told FOX31 Denver

The 4-year-old even has aspirations to become a police officer and frequently visits the Longmont Police Department to give them treats as a thank you for helping her out.

Cover image via Shutterstock I Barbol

(H/T: Scary Mommy)

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