This Video Showing Simple Things Is Way More Satisfying To Watch Than It Should Be

A knife slicing through a stack of paper never looked so right.

Sometimes it's the little things in life that just really "do it" for you. Like watching soft dough get sliced, a perfect pattern being drawn, or seeing a machine swiftly add one part to a toy. These oddly satisfying moments can sometimes be enough to get you through a rough day, or just make you feel really, really good for no reason at all other than you like looking at perfection. 

A video posted by YouTube channel UNIQUE Machines shows these kinds of moments happening one after the other, and will make viewers everywhere sigh with satisfaction over and over again. 

Because who wouldn't want to see ... 


A knife slicing through a stack of paper.

A pattern drawn on an egg.

A tomato being perfectly cut.

For more oddly satisfying moments, watch the video below:

There, wasn't that nice? 


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