Hilarious Breakfast And Lunch Specials Found In A Diner's Menu

"Chicken nuggets with a side of chicken nuggets."

If you don't know who Obvious Plant is yet, then you probably have been living under a rock. Obvious Plant is the alias for guerilla artist Jeff Wysaski, who creates funny fictional signage and posts them in real places for the ultimate prank. Some of his classic sign pranks included fake paint colors, dating advice, IKEA products and signs at a pet store.

Obvious Plant just struck again by creating 10 fictional breakfast and lunch specials and placing them inside a menu at one of his local diners.

Here are the hilarious menus.


First there’s breakfast. Why not start your day with a hot buttered lemon or a suspicious muffin?

Next there’s lunch. Solid choices include the floor burger and the yogurt dog.



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