Watch Obama Make His Final March Madness Picks As President

"Bill Self owes me."

President Barack Obama's time in the nation's highest office hasn't always been smooth, but there's no question he's connected with American citizens through his deep cultural knowledge better than any politician before him. Whether it's joining Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, literally Running Wild with Bear Grylls, or shooting hoops and talking trash with the people, Obama has inserted himself into the pop culture conversation frequently and consistently throughout his two terms. Credit is due to his PR team for getting him into situations that make him look relatable, but they can't control the way he acts once he's in them — that's all Barry.

The one that's the easiest and perhaps most accessible by the mainstream is his tradition of filling out a "Presidential Bracket" for March Madness. Every year, ESPN films him writing his picks on a whiteboard, cracking jokes along the way, and making everyone think, "Hey, that guy — he gets it," just like they're supposed to.

He's only correctly picked the tournament winner once — in his first year, when he tapped North Carolina to win it all. For his final year, he's hoping to bookend his presidency by going 2 for 8 from 2009-2016, and he's all in on Kansas (the third time he's picked them) to make it happen.

He didn't pick many upsets in the earlier rounds, admitting he doesn't know enough about the lower-profile teams to make informed decisions about how far they could go. One of the only ones was Hawaii over Cal in a 13-seed vs. 4-seed matchup, which wasn't too surprising considering he's from Hawaii himself. Still, the picks he makes hardly matter — the fact that he does them at all, publicly no less, is the whole point.


Watch Obama chuckle it up filling out his final Presidential Bracket:

Cover image: ESPN


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