This Just-Released White House Blooper Reel Is Everything We Love About The First Couple

We're going to miss these two.


First Lady Michelle Obama isn't running for president in 2020, but after watching what was cut from the first couple's inaugural Christmas message, we can't help but think we'll miss the pair's witty repartee in the White House. 

This year's best holiday gift goes to the White House's Instagram feed, which yesterday released a blooper reel from the Obamas' first Christmas in the capital. Despite Michelle's trademark composure, Barack keeps breaking into grins and giggles as the pair try to film a message from their family to families across the country. 

At one point, amused by her husband's early onset holiday cheer, Michelle even asks the filming crew if his behavior is typical: "Does he always do this?" 

"Rarely," he says, with evident humor.

Over the past eight years, the first couple's affection for fun and for each other has been held up time and time again as a #relationshipgoal. It's nice to know that their gentle ribbing is present in all aspects of their lives — even those that end up on the cutting room floor.


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