This Teen Just Broke A Twitter Record, And Won Free Chicken Nuggets At The Same Time

He also raised money for charity.

Ellen DeGeneres' famous 2014 Oscars selfie, featuring a crowd of A-list celebrities, has been dethroned as the most-retweeted tweet of all time. That record now belongs to a teenage boy who really likes chicken nuggets.

In case you're not familiar with the "Nugget Boy" saga, allow us to explain. A 16-year-old from Nevada named Carter Wilkerson tweeted at the fast-food restaurant Wendy's last month asking how many retweets he would need to earn free chicken nuggets for a year. The restaurant replied with the number 18 million.

So began a Twitter-wide quest to get Wilkerson his free nuggets.


The teen, who previously had less than 200 followers, now has almost 120,000. Earlier this week, his nugget tweet reached 3.42 million retweets, beating DeGeneres' record. 

The host didn't go down without a fight, however. She invited the teen on her show last month to bribe him with a television and a year's supply of Ellen underwear. She asked Twitter users to retweet her selfie at the same time they retweeted Wilkerson's, and she even had Bradley Cooper record a PSA.

Wilkerson now has 3.5 million and counting, and Wendy's has rewarded his accomplishment by donating $100,000 in his name to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Wilkerson is also donating the money he makes from T-shirt sales on his website

But Wendy's had more than just a generous donation to offer. Even though Wilkerson has a long way to go before he reaches 18 million, Wendy's decided to give him the nuggets anyway. On Tuesday morning, a Twitter user asked the restaurant, "So... He gets the nuggets?"

Wendy's replied simply, "He gets them nuggs."

Congratulations to Wilkerson — even if Ellen DeGeneres hasn't exactly forgiven him.

Wilkerson tweeted the host when he broke the record, asking if he can still keep his gifts. She replied, "Absolutely not. Sending Bradley Cooper to pick 'em up."

Watch Wilkerson's appearance on Ellen's show below:

(H/T: People)


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