11 Random Acts Of Grandparenting That Will Make You Laugh... And Cry

#10 is so beautiful.

Our grandparents are very different from our parents: they tend to be far more tolerant, much more interesting, abundantly more inclined to spoil us, and entirely more patient. They offer a kind of wisdom that our parents don't have... Or at least don't have until they become grandparents themselves, at which point they then become entirely different people, at least when viewed from a distance.

The notes and posts from Imgur and Reddit that you're about to see not only capture some of the special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren, but also glimpses of the generations that forged ours. Every noble thing that our grandparents did – every gracious gesture, every act of kindness – is something that we should admire and emulate. 

There are some very raw moments here, captured in the last days of someone's life. But there is also abundant hope in each of these: the chance to consider your history, your grandparents, and your values, and see the possibilities that exist to strengthen your bonds with the ones you love, make yourself a better person, and make the world a better place.

We offer them here with minimum commentary, save our gratitude to those who shared their grandparents affections with the world. 

We strongly advise that you read the captions that the original posters attached to each image.




I Spilled Water on my Phone and Asked my Grandfather to Put it in Rice to Dry it Out. He Thought I Meant Cook it with Rice.


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For more on Alzheimer's, please visit the Alzheimer's Foundation of America.


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"My grandfather passed in 2005 & my grandmother just showed his jar of missing buttons to me. He gave it to her when he proposed and said "see how badly I need a wife?" – ShpadoinkleBeefoven, on Reddit.


My Grandmother and I were super close. While she was dying I was the only one she would respond to. I left her a note once when
The full caption by Imgur user emberzz reads: "My Grandmother and I were super close. While she was dying I was the only one she would respond to. I left her a note once when we went to visit and she was sleeping, she left me this..."


My grandma leaves a note when we come over for Christmas.
Her house, her rules, people. 


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My Grandma Left Us A Note In The Kitchen
She is NOT playing.


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The person who posted this notes that this man survived the war.


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It reads:

"June 8, 1990

Dear Weston:

I have just returned home after playing with you for three delightful hours today. Remember the wagon ride? The walk down the block holding hands? The big flock of birds that flew right by us? Throwing the ball "to the moon"? And a million other things that only a joyous boy like you would think of.

I am writing this letter to let you know that you are very dear to me. I once behold your father with the same wonderment and boundless love I now feel for you.

Weston, you are already loved by many people. To Nanna and me, to your Mom and Dad, to Gemaw and Gepaw, you are the epitome of the future of mankind. I think that future will be bright because you come from good stock. We believe you are going to be intelligent, industrious and well-educated and we know you are going to be handsome. You occupy a very special place in the hearts of all of us who love you deeply.

I hope I do not spoil you — but I'm going to try. I am counting on your Mom and Dad to prevent me from doting on you too much, but that is the way of "Pop-Pops" the world over.

I just wanted you to know that at this moment I was thinking more about you than anyone or anything else.



P.S. I love Corey too."

Thank you to the Redditor who posted this.


My grandmother K.M.P. helping me blow out candles on my 3rd birthday.And the last note I got from her, above. aplus.com


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