This Ad Challenges The Phrase ‘Special Needs’ In A Hilarious Way

“Are these needs special?”

One ad is taking on the term "special needs" headfirst and showing — in quite the hilarious way, we might add — that those with Down syndrome don't need much more than the things folks without the disorder do.

Lauren Potter, of Glee fame, rattles off a list of ridiculous things that could be deemed "special needs" by anyone: the need to eat dinosaur eggs, the need to wear a giant suit of armor, the need to be massaged by a cat, and the need to be woken up by a celebrity — like Office Space and Scrubs star John McGinley.

Weird, right? Exactly.

That's what the Not Special Needs campaign is trying to achieve. Branching off World Down Syndrome Day (March 21), it hopes to prove that "special needs" is antiquated and lazy, and that the phrase is just something that separates "us" from "them."

All of the people that appear in the ad with Potter — except for McGinley — have Down syndrome. They include Sam Suchmann, Mattie Zufelt, and Jared Kozak. That being said, McGinley has a son with the disorder and is an international spokesman for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

"What we really need is education, jobs, opportunities, friends, and some love," Potter concluded. "Just like everybody else."

Learn more about the Not Special Needs campaign here and search for #NotSpecialNeeds on all social media platforms.

Check out the poignant and funny ad:

(H/T: Adweek)

One woman with Down syndrome got to live her dream. Check out the video below to see more:

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