13 Nostalgic Things We Either Hope Make A Comeback, Or Are Over Forever

Tamagotchis, anyone?

They say that everything eventually comes back in style. It might take a couple of years, and sometimes even a couple of decades, but what was once considered old can suddenly become new again. 

Nothing exemplifies this better than the recent Pokemon craze. If you asked someone a couple of months ago if they played Pokemon, they probably would have given you a strange look. Now, everyone and their grandmother loves Pokemon as much as they did in the 2000s thanks to Pokemon Go. 

If you want more proof, Nintendo recently announced it was bringing back the Nintendo NES, the system that gave us classic games like Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros.

It's great that some of our old favorites are coming back, but why stop there? There are lots of other brilliant things that deserve to be a national obsession once again. 

That said, there are some nostalgic items that had their time and should be left in the past for the rest of eternity. When we think of them, we shake our heads and wonder, "What were we thinking?!"

To try to decide which items we wish would make a comeback, and which we are totally over, we went through some of the most popular products from decades past. Take a look, and let us know if you agree with our rulings in the comments. 

1. Roller Skates

Roller derbies are doing their part to bring back roller skates, but let's see those bright white skates brought onto the streets again, or brought back into roller discos like in the glory days. Everyone loves a roller disco.

Conclusion: Bring them back, 'cuz why not? 

2. Purple Ketchup

Was it necessary? Nope. We're all for creativity, but some classics are not to be messed with, and the original ketchup is one of them. Purple ketchup basically just looks like there is monster slime all over your food, making french fries — something that is almost impossible to make look bad — unappetizing. 

Conclusion: Over it. No need for purple fries in 2016 unless it's for Halloween, thank you! 

3. Pogo Ball

In 2016, we are getting close to creating actual hoverboards — not the fake kinds — so why go back to the Pogo Ball? While you're waiting for a genuine Back to the Future item, just ride around on your bike, skateboard, or maybe even your pogo stick. 

Conclusion: Over it. No need for the Pogo Ball to make a comeback when there are hoverboards on the horizon. 

4. Tamagotchis

If Pokemon can come back, so can Tamagotchis. There is something to be said for the proper old school device with the basic graphic and no touch screen. It's retro and a classic.

Conclusion: Bring it back. 

5. "Napoleon Dynamite"

Though the cult classic got its own animated series, it's been 12 years since the movie was released. Surely the time is right for a sequel? We'd even be happy with a prequel. "Finding Nemo" eventually got a follow-up after 13 long years, so why stop there? "Napoleon Dynamite" was a smash hit and deserves another run at the box office.

Conclusion: Bring it back, duh. Time for a 2016 upgrade. 

6. Beanie Babies

You can find big-eyed Beanie Boos easily, but they cannot quite replace the original Beanie Babies of the 1990s that ignited Beanie Baby fever. They were so cute. Then again, the originals are pretty much worthless, and all they do is take up space in people's basements. We don't need more of that.

Conclusion: Over it. Time for a new collectable craze.

7. Puka Shell Necklaces

Tattoo chokers came back so wouldn't it be logical that the puka shell necklaces come back next? When you wear one, you can pretend that it is summer all year around, or that you just got back from a tropical vacation. But, let's get real, these things weren't that cool when they were in, and they wouldn't be that cool now. 

Conclusion: Over it. Leave your puka shells at the beach, please. 

8. Lava Lamps

Everyone is extremely stressed out these days. Watching a lava lamp wouldn't solve their problems, but it would help them to relax and get lost in something besides work.

Conclusion: Bring it back. Who wouldn't want to look at a hypnotic lava lamp for hours and hours and hours? 

9. Giggles Cookies

We've eaten our way through some good cookies over the years, but there are times when everyone gets nostalgic for a cookie with fudge and vanilla filling. It's two delicious things in one. Plus, the cookies had faces on them.

Conclusion: Bring it back. You can never have too many types of cookies in the world. 

10. Skip-It

Skip-It is one of those things that is still around, but it's not something you see anyone playing with out on the street. It was wildly addictive and it could have the potential to  be the new Zumba or Soul Cycle.

Conclusion: Bring it back. Not only is this a funky little toy, but it makes you get good exercise, too.  

11. Oreo O's

There was no better way to start the day than with a bowl of cereal that tasted like your fav cookie. It made cookies for breakfast acceptable. If they can have birthday cake, blueberry, and pumpkin Oreos, they can have the cereal.

Conclusion: Bring it back. Despite this cereal not being the healthiest, it was certainly mood-boosting then, and would be mood-boosting now. 

12. Spiked Hair

Sculpting your hair into different shapes made you feel a bit like an artist. Spiked hair is also a much better look than the man bun. Then again, if your hair can poke someone's eye out, there is a problem. Plus, think of all of the hair gel you went through. You needed to buy it in bulk. 

Conclusion: Over it. Spiked hair can stay in the 90s. 

13. McDonald's Pizza

Sometimes you want to go to McDonald's, but you don't want a cheeseburger or nuggets. You need to have options. Plus, that cheese and tomato sauce was soooo good.

Conclusion: Bring it back, of course! 


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