Let's Revisit The Symbolism Behind Printing North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law On Toilet Paper

HB2 is an ill-conceived document that will see a fitting end on these toilet paper rolls.

One of the more controversial news events last year was North Carolina's bathroom bill, House Bill 2, that prohibited LGBTQ people from using public restrooms that correspond with their gender identity. Despite lawmakers asserting that the legislation is meant to protect children, critics argued that that was an excuse to essentially sanction discrimination of transgender and other gender-nonconforming people. (Texas and Virginia are set to follow North Carolina's lead with bathroom bills of their own.)

The outrage caused by HB2 sparked a national boycott of North Carolina, and those who received the shortest end of the stick were the people residing in North Carolina. Major companies and big-name entertainers vowed to remove themselves from any business dealings in the state, including General Electric, Bruce Springsteen, and the NBA. Local North Carolina businesses also protested HB2 by declaring their restrooms safe for LGBTQ people, among them ad agency McKinney. 

Following the breakdown of a negotiation to repeal HB2 in December, a video protesting the law, created by McKinney in April, was resurfaced by Pink News. The video, aptly titled "Flush HB2," introduced McKinney's commissioned product: toilet rolls on which they printed HB2, an ill-conceived document that will see a fitting end on toilet paper. 


These toilet rolls, a tongue-in-cheek protest of a serious issue, are evidently still making the rounds. Amused people on social media have posted photos of them in the new year. 

McKinney told AdFreak back in April that they decided to work on this project because they valued "equality, diversity, inclusion, and human rights."

Will Chambliss of McKinney added: 

We tried to create something that could stand as a visual for what many North Carolinians think about the bill. We hope people read it and then, well, you know the rest.

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