21 Non-Cheesy Ways For Guys To Say 'I Love You,' Without Saying 'I Love You'

Seemingly unromantic, but not.

Listen men, not every lady is into the whole flowers with an "I love you" note for Valentine's Day. While romance is always nice, and it's important to say "I love you," sometimes little everyday actions speak louder than words — like letting her use your charger, even when your phone is at 10 percent. 

True love, indeed. 

And for the guy who has a hard time saying those three little words, our suggestions on how to skirt the phrase, while still showing her you care in a totally real, non-cheesy way, will hopefully be extra useful. Big time. 


1. Do the laundry, and know to hang dry her bras.

Nobody likes warped wires. 

2. Buy her an extra toothbrush for your apartment.

This benefits both her and you when it comes to kissy time. 

3. Replace the toilet paper roll on the TP holder thingy so she doesn't have to see that cardboard tube thingy ever.

No one likes that cardboard tube thingy. No one.

4. On that note, put the seat down when you're done.

Chivalry is not dead.

5. Be the one to put your hand down the garbage disposal when it needs clearing. No gloves to show her you really care.

She'll fall for you hook, line and (kitchen) sinker. 

Just kidding about the gloves part, though. 

7. Pop that blackhead on her back she can't reach.

She'll know it's real when this happens. 

8. Buy her tampons when it's that time of the month ...

Practical, yet so meaningful. 

9. ... and while you're at it, pick up products she's too embarrassed to buy herself ... like that athlete's foot cream she's been needing.

Throw in some Gas-X, too. Why not? 

10. Pick up booze for her when she's having a shitty day.

11. ... but, once in a while, offer to be the designated driver when you're out partying.

12. And for extra points, leave the party early with her if she wants to dip. Even if you want to stay.

Hopefully, she'd do the same for you. 

13. Only pass gas in front of her two times that day, instead of your usual six.

We know, we know. Showing your love is hard. 

14. Risk getting sick to take care of her when she's under the weather.

No pressure. 

15. Teach her how to pick locks, just in case ...

This is an especially useful skill to pass on to your loved one in case she ever gets locked out of her apartment or car. But, you know, if she ever abuses this newfound "power" by picking a lock to get into, oh, say, a jewelry store, or bank to pull off that major heist she'd been planning, then go the extra mile to be a good boyfriend, and show her you love her by: 

16. Getting rid of the evidence.

17. Bailing her out of jail. 

18. faking an alibi for her.

19. Hiding the bodies. 

20. Taking the blame. 

21. Because nothing says "I love you" like spending life in prison for your S.O. 

JUST KIDDING about those last six there. Point being, it's the little things you do that show her you genuinely care. 

And in the end, just suck it up and say "I love you"... or at least "I like you," because everyone needs to hear the words once in awhile.


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