Little Boy Gets In Trouble, Totally Blames Batman For Everything

"Batman did it."

Growing up, you may have blamed your dog for eating your homework or your parent's driving skills for making you late to swim practice. 

But when one toddler, Noel, got caught drawing on his mother's mirror, he thought of another genius excuse: "Batman did it."

Noel, caught practically pink-handed in a video uploaded to Facebook, claims his innocence in the most adorable fashion, which is probably why the video already has over 670 thousand views and over four thousand shares. 

"Amazingly cute!!! Let's hope the REAL Batman see's it and gets in touch," one commenter writes on the post. 

Surely, the footage is relatable for any parent or sibling who's caught a family member in a little white lie. Or, perhaps, we've all been Noel ourselves, too.

Be sure to watch the full video below:



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