This Celebrity Photographer Took A Second Of Every Day Last Year To Create A Star-Studded Documentary

“I want to be able to watch what I did in the past and remember key moments from that time.”

Life passes us by quickly and it's easy to miss certain moments in the mad dash of our existence. But what if we plucked just one second from each day of our life in 2016 and watched them in order at the end of the year? It would probably be pretty amazing to see the seconds go by so quickly from things that occurred over an entire year. And it would also be a kickass keepsake. 

New York City-based celebrity photographer Noam Galai got a jump-start on summarizing his high-speed, star-studded life, and some of the more personal moments by creating a year-end video collage, which combined one second of nearly each day of his life in 2016. 

"My 1 Second project is more of a video diary of my life, not just for work — but for me as a whole," he told A Plus. "More like a documentary." 

As the seconds of Galai's exciting life zip by, flashes of familiar celebrity faces grace the screen, but don't blink or you'll miss those precious family moments Galai also included. 

"I want to be able to watch what I did in the past and remember key moments from that time," he told A Plus.


“It’s cool to be able to see how family members grow and change, or see how my work changed.”

Galai started the project in 2013 and has since released one every year with improvements to the story annually.

"I definitely improved with my shooting techniques, and selection of seconds," he explained. "With that type of work it's not always easy to capture a good video of the main celebrity or of a key moment, but I learned a few tricks along the way."

Some might think it would be difficult to capture a captivating moment from every day for 366 days, but for Galai it's quite easy.

"My life is pretty hectic, as can be seen in this video, so it's usually easy to find one second of something," he boasted. "Even on boring days I can always find something to document." 

So have any of the celebs he's highlighted provided any feedback? 

Well, without naming names Galai said ...

“I did show it to a few celebrities during the year and they loved it.” And you can check it out below:

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