The Body Positive 'No Size Fits All' Campaign Has Launched Just In Time For Fashion Week

"It is time for the fashion industry to recognize that it can and must effect change in this area."

Just ahead of London Fashion Week, which begins September 16, an amazing body positive campaign came out of the UK called "No Size Fits All." The campaign was started by the UK branch of the Women's Equality Party, an organization that works to further women's rights. 


The campaign sends the message that instead of waiting for industry-led change in fashion, we should do something about it ourselves. 

"It is time for the fashion industry to recognize that it can and must effect change in this area."

According to the Women's Equality Party website, there are  28 published empirical studies from around the world that have found media images impact our bodies. When people have negative reactions to these images, they are at greater risk for developing eating disorders.

To start making positive changes in the industry, the organization is demanding four things in the UK: that a law where models with BMIs below 18.5 are seen by a medical health professional and deemed well before they are employed, that UK-based fashion magazines include one plus-size feature in every size, and that London Fashion Week shows have at least two different sample sizes in every range, one being a UK size 12 (approximately a US 8) or greater. 

Finally, they want body image awareness brought to schools.

The Women's Equality Party would like a mandatory course with a focus on media depictions of beauty, and they would like it to be presented by trained experts.

Body positive models Jada Sezer and Rosie Nelson lead the campaign, along with British fashion commentator and Professor of diversity in fashion Caryn Franklin MBE and editor Rivkie Baum. Nelson has already sought to change the industry for the better with her petition asking for a model health law to be passed.

You can also get involved with the "No Size Fits All" campaign.

People are encouraged to share their photos on social media with the #NoSizeFitsAll tag and to contact the British Fashion Council about the changes you would like to see implemented.

There are other body positive changes being made to the industry with shows featuring more models of different shapes, sizes, and abilities, but that is just the beginning. The No Size Fits all campaign wants to take things beyond the runway and into magazines and the classroom to promote a healthy, body positive image for all.  

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