9-Year-Old Becomes CFO For A Day Of A Major Corporation, All Because He Wrote This Letter

"The more we cultivate this entrepreneurial spirit ... in young people, the more encouraged they will be to pursue their passions ..."

Business-savvy, 9-year-old Alex Múnoz from Boston, Mass proves you're never too young to take a risk and make your voice heard. A few weeks ago, his parents taught him about investing, so Múnoz began researching a few companies to put his money into. 

One of those companies happened to be KIND Snacks, a private company. Múnoz was so interested in the company that his mother, Dara Múnoz, encouraged him to write a letter to the CEO, Daniel Lubetzky.

 "Do you know when you will go public?" he asked in the letter below. "I think you will do well ... I like your idea of public action and supporting charities." 

At the end of the letter, he also mentioned which KIND snack bar is his favorite, and that he just happened to be eating it while writing to Lubetzky. (Well played, Aaron. Well played.)


Courtesy: KIND Snacks 

Impressed by Múnoz's young, entrepreneurial spirit, Lubetzy invited him to the KIND Snacks headquarters June 19 in midtown Manhattan to be CFO for a day. "When I was 6 or 7 years old, I started my first business ... My parents always encouraged me. Their encouragement strengthened my entrepreneurial muscle and developed my confidence and perseverance," Lubetzky told A Plus via email. "The more we cultivate this entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic in young people, the more encouraged they will be to pursue their passions and affect change." 

Múnoz was inspired to do just that — and looked quite dapper doing it. His first time in New York, he arrived at the office in his best (and only) suit and tie. 

Courtesy: KIND Snacks 
Courtesy: KIND Snacks 

Lubetzky greeted Múnoz and surprised him with extra special business cards bearing his official title: CFO For a Day. 

Now that Múnoz was technically part of the company, Lubetzky gave him an even better surprise: 10 shares of stock in KIND. "Alex is a remarkable kid – smart and curious. When I told him that he would be KIND's youngest shareholder, his jaw dropped," he explained. "It took him a minute to process what I was telling him."

 Lubetzky also gave Múnoz an even more important — and irreplaceable — gift, some sage advice: "Don't be afraid to take risks and make mistakes."

Courtesy: KIND Snacks 

"I think his visit showed him that asking for what you want and taking risks is worthwhile, even if you can't guarantee the outcome," Lubetzky added. "He took a risk in writing me a letter, and was rewarded for that."

He hopes Múnoz can provide an example of how much of success comes from both luck and persistence. "It is critical that we build — in ourselves and our offspring — the self-confidence necessary to keep playing the game, even if we don't think we are good at it," he said. "... I also hope people realize how much we can learn from kids. They have so many admirable qualities – they are curious, fearless, and bold. It's up to us to foster and encourage them." 

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