The Beauty Of Pregnancy Summed Up In 6 Seconds

What kind of sorcery is that?

There are nine months, give or take, in a woman"s life that go beyond calendar dates. Nine months of performing a miracle with no wizardry.

Video producer Ian Padgham and painter Claire Pasquier documented her entire pregnancy in a perfectly time-lapsed 6 second video. For nine months, Claire was filmed in the same room wearing the same clothes. The only thing that changed was her growing belly which eventually turned into a cute little newborn.

As Ian told Buzzfeed, the Vine required about two frames per month. He and Claire would watch it together as the pregnancy progressed.

Padgham leads a San Francisco-based creative team Origiful which creates video content for brands. Pasquier is an artist specializing in Moiré paintings. But let's be honest, their most beautiful creation is this little fellow.

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