Why Nike's Instagram Account Blew Up After They Posted This Photo

One commenter wrote, "Finally. A changing landscape for my two little girls."

Sportswear brands are ordinarily associated with the most famously athletic, sculpted humans who walk among us, but judging by its latest posts on Instagram, Nike seems to be coming around to the body positivity movement

On Thursday, Nike Women's Instagram account posted a photo of plus-size model Paloma Elsesser in a Nike sports bra and leggings. "Welcome to Sports Bra 101," the caption read, with Elsesser demonstrating how to determine if a sports bra is the right fit.


The post received more than 70,000 likes, and many lauded Nike in the comments section.

Nike NYC also posted a photo of Elsesser in the same gear.

Days later, Nike Women followed up with a photo of Claire Fountain, a yoga instructor known for her fitness and wellness brand Trill Yoga, in pose. 

... And Nike NYC followed suit.

Though it seems like Nike is making tentative steps towards catering to other body types, there's still plenty of work to do. As many have justifiably pointed out, Nike currently does not offer these sports bras beyond a size E. 

But the company responded to these comments on their photos: "We hear you," it replied, "and we're always looking to expand our selection."

A Plus has reached out to Nike, Elsesser and Fountain for comment.

Think (Body) Positive is an A Plus original series featuring body positive advocates and thought leaders. Their goal? Encouraging you to love the skin you're in.

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