This 16-Year-Old Note In Her Husband's Wallet Reminds Her Of The Love They Share

"This piece of who we were and where we started remains with him."

Relationships take work. And during the times when things feel more difficult, it's important couples remind themselves of the joy and love that's central to their relationship. This's the  a message Nicole Johnson, who runs the Facebook page, Suburban Shit Show: Tales from the Tree-Lined Trenches, explained in a post. 


The mom, who has been candid about her and her husband's difficulties, says a 16-year-old note in her husband's wallet helped her remember the positive things about their relationship.

In the post, Johnson explains that her husband has kept this note since the night they met 16 years ago. It's nestled among his receipts, but she says that he has kept "the piece of [their] history" for a special reason because he is someone who regularly cleans out his wallet.

"The first time I found it, I knew that no matter how far we've moved away from the first days of new love, how far we journeyed from our beginnings, how far from romance, date nights, is — this is still there. This piece of who we were and where we started remains with him. He carries us around wherever he goes."

She says she's sharing the note to let people know that she and her partner are trying to move beyond their current struggles. "We've talked. We've worked. We will keep working. Because it's work. It's kids. It's baggage. It's anger. It's love. It's all of the stuff that life is. And that sh*t is hard," she admits.

She is also encouraging others who might be going through rough patches to recall the beginnings of their relationships.

"When it gets hard, like really hard — the sort where it seems easier to walk away than to stay — look for those things in your beginning," she recommends. "For us, this old receipt tape, worn and battered, is ours. It won't do the work. It won't keep our marriage going. But it's a reminder and it's a help."

The mom-of-four revealed to Babble that the thoughts about the note came after a mutual friend texted Johnson to inform her that her husband was talking about the first time they met. 

In line with this, Johnson encouraged couples to open up about their relationship issues because it's important to have a suppor system. "Let other people know if you are having problems, [because] many friends are going through the same things," she said. "When we fake and perpetuate perfect, we set ourselves up for failure and don't allow ourselves to admit that we need help."

It turns out Johnson's husband isn't the only who kept something from the start of a relationship. In the Facebook comments, people revealed some of the mementos they've kept.

(H/T: Popsugar)


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