Nick Offerman Is As Excited As You About Toppling The Patriarchy

The actor and real-life woodworker has some interesting points to make about the election.

Nick Offerman's personality is often conflated with his character on Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson, whose DIY masculinity and fondness for breakfast foods has garnered him a cult-like status in this golden age of television. Although they share the same passion for woodworking,  while Swanson is an avowed libertarian, Offerman leans liberal in real life. He has spoken up on the lack of common sense gun control, the importance of feminism, and has actively opposed Indiana's "religious freedom" law. In a recent interview with Esquire, Offerman weighed in the election, revealing his simple approach to determine who he'll be voting for.

The actor told reporter Matt Miller that, like many Americans, he finds it hard to follow issues like foreign policy and trade. But when it comes to deciding who to vote for, it basically boils down to "common decency." 

Offerman said:

 "It's usually easy for me to vote because one party usually offends me by being indecent. And that usually has to do with taking away the rights of some group. That's where my gut begins with politics — it has to do with simple matters and neighborliness. And so seeing what's going on is just astonishing. I'm always amazed in elections when the only flaws that can be pointed out about a candidate are that they have been a politician. You know — 'Well they said this in '93, and then they said this other thing in 2005.' Yes, that's called politics. The world is very complicated and so are human beings, so I'm not surprised. But then, on the other hand, [there's a] candidate that's only, in my way of thinking, held such an unsavory job as casino owner. Not only that, but a failed casino — a spectacularly failed one. On one hand, I understand the dissatisfaction that has led to his selection. But, on the other hand, I have to say, if you're going to make a statement with your dissatisfaction, you really should've found a better representative of your desires. But I'm just going to try and continue to promote good manners wherever I can."


Offerman made it clear that he was a Hillary Clinton supporter, saying that there was "no logical or sane or moral choice to be made other than voting for" the former Secretary of State. He also expressed his enthusiasm for another historical moment in American politics.

"I also think that if she were not a woman, we would not be in this boat. I think the election would be over already. And that's another sad thing, that a large reason there's so much anger and mistrust of her is because people are very reluctant to see the patriarchy topple. I am incredibly excited that the glass ceiling will be shattered," he said, adding a salient point about the country's stubborn acceptance of change. "I mean, we've had our first Black president and we'll probably have our first woman president. And of course we're going to go kicking and screaming as a nation into that, we would have it no other way. At the end of the day, we're all a bunch of big babies. But what an exciting accomplishment."

And though it remains a wonder gender equality isn't yet a universally acknowledged right, how incredible is it to see men today, among them Offerman, being as excited as women have been for decades about breaking gender barriers?

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