Singer-Songwriter Nick Hissom Talks About Connecting With People On His Debut EP 'Love Energy'

"I believe the more love you have in your life, the happier you are."

Singer and songwriter Nick Hissom recently stopped by the A Plus office to talk about his journey leading up to the release of his debut EP, Love Energy, and his new single, "Where You Are."

Through the love of song, hard work, and passion, Hissom is slowly carving his path through the music world and connecting with people all over the globe.

While it is only the beginning of his adventure in music, the singer speaks with a deep knowledge about how to maintain a happy and positive life, while not getting caught up in tangibles such as money and fame.

First, check out the music video to "Where You Are," then read the full interview below.


Jason Pollak: So, give us a little background about yourself. You were originally a model. How did you transition into music?

Nick Hissom: I was originally born and raised in London. My parents are American, so I'm like half and half.

I moved to America when I was 18 and went to UPenn. I originally got scouted on Facebook as a model and worked with people like Tommy Hilfiger. 

I went to boarding school, so having my own apartment in college allowed me to be a bit more free. I started songwriting, and slowly started getting in the studio and working with producers like Mick Schultz. 

It's been six years and now I finally have my EP out called Love Energy.

Yeah, that's dope. Tell us about the title and how you came up with it.

It's a very literal name, honestly. The music is supposed to inspire people, and make them feel happy and loved.

I believe the more love you have in your life, the happier you are. Whether it is your job, relationships, or surroundings, everything comes from the love you have.

So, I wanted to give people music to relate to. This is sort of the sonic representation of my own love and energy that I put into my music.

I'm very happy with where it is and I can't wait to put out my album.

That's cool. Tell us a little bit about your first single, "Where You Are."

I just released it and it's about, no matter where you are, you should never feel alone. 

Or, even if you are missing people like your friends or family, you can still feel them from afar.

So, I wanted to comfort people who are going through a difficult time. I wanted to let them know they are never alone and if they don't have somebody, they have me.

That's definitely something everyone can relate to.

For sure, I think music is something everyone can connect to. It transcends language, what country you're from, or ethnicity โ€” everything. 

If you can give the world a great song and a great message that inspires them, you're connecting with them in a very real, tangible way.

The music represents my own feelings and I hope people can connect with that. For example, if I meet a fan I never met previously, we are instantly brought together through the energy of music. 

That's why I do music at all. To connect to people. I know money and fame can't always make you happy. There has to be a genuine feeling and connection.

It helps me a lot every day. It's an emotional, creative outlet and I want people to be able to make memories and be happy listening to it.

Yeah, I totally agree. So what's your game plan for the rest of the year? When can we expect the album?

I'll be traveling around a bit. I have some shows in Miami, L.A., and Las Vegas.

The album will probably be out at the end of the year or maybe the beginning of 2017.

We're on a few radio stations now, so I'll probably be doing some radio shows. 

It's been really cool watching this all happen and finding people I never met before that tell me they like my music. 

Is there anything else going on that we should know about?

I guess one thing I would want people to take away from my music is that we need to be kind to one another, and that we need to learn and empathize with each other.

The value of education and social education is something that can never be taken away from you. If you have that knowledge, you can always find a way to make the best of a situation to find happiness.

We do a lot of work with different charities, such as the Andre Agassi [Foundation] in Vegas. They showcase a lot of talented students who are eager to learn. It's a very touching moment to watch them get up there and perform.

But yeah, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram ... You can also hear my EP on iTunes.

Thanks for the time!

Check out Nick's live performance at the A Plus office:


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