How These Hashtags Are Helping People Stay Safe After The Nice Attack

Residents are coming together to help.

At least 84 people have reportedly been killed and even more injured after a truck drove through a Bastille Day celebration Thursday night in Nice, France.

In the aftermath of the attack, people in Nice are turning to social media to help each other. 

As following the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels, people are using the hashtags #PortesOuvertes and #PortesOuvertesNice to offer "open doors" to those who need a safe place to stay in the area.


The hashtag #RechercheNice is also being used to help people find their loved ones. A Twitter account called Recherches Nice has been collecting tweets about missing people to increase attention.

A photo uploaded to Instagram with the caption #RechercheNice.

Uber and local taxi services have been offering free rides to those who need to evacuate from the Promenade des Anglais, where the attack occurred. 

Uber also turned off surge pricing after the attack to prevent the rise in rates that occurs during increased activity.

For those who need to get in contact with loved ones who may have been affected by the attack, Google has announced that calls to France are free from anywhere in the world using Hangouts, Google Voice and Project Fi.

In the face of tragedy, it's heartening to witness the various ways people are coming together to help each other.

Cover image via Flickr user Paul Rysz.

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