Dad Gives His 4-Year-Old With Cancer The Best Pre-Surgery Pep Talk Ever

"You ready to get this cancer up out of you?"

If everyone had an NFL player to pump them up before surgery, the world would be a less scarier place.

Cincinnati Bengals practice player Devon Still posted a video to his Instagram account doing just that. "Are you ready for today? I'm ready for today." he says to his 4-year-old daughter, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and planned to go into surgery. "Mhmm," she responds.

Even though dad has his fears, in the caption he explains that he'll be strong for his daughter. "Pre-surgery pep talk...I might be nervous and scared beyond words but I'll never let her see it...let's get this done!" he wrote.

According to TODAY, the NFL draftee was a defensive tackle at Penn State and drafted as a second round pick by the Bengals. They later cut him so he could care for his daughter, but the team placed him on a practice team to stay on the league's insurance.

"Right now, in the situation I'm in, I need to be in an environment where i know people care about my well-being, care about my family's well-being," he said.

Thoughts your way, guys.



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