She Lost Half Her Size And Looks Gorgeous, But There's Way More Than Meets The Eye

So brave.

On the surface, Simone Anderson seems like your typical 24-year-old.


But the New Zealander has actually undergone an incredible transformation that took monumental hard work and determination. 

She lost half her body weight in the past 11 months through positive lifestyle changes. Like many other weight-loss stories you hear of, Anderson is documenting hers on her Facebook page and on Instagram.

But there's one crucial thing about Anderson's stunning weight loss that these pictures don't show.

The dramatic before-and-after photo led to some accusations that the photos were fake, and in a bold move to counter that charge, Anderson attached another photo to that showed the effects of drastic weight loss — excess skin.

"Throughout my whole journey," she wrote in the caption, "I have tried to be so honest about the whole experience and tell people it exactly as it's happened so to be called a fake hurt a lot." 

The extra skin is a side effect of dramatic weight loss, one that countless hours of exercising and healthy eating cannot eliminate. While it can be concealed under clothing, Anderson wants to be rid of it "so I can start to live in my 24-year-old body I have worked so hard to get back," according to Metro UK.

Anderson has a crowdfunding project seeking donations for surgery to remove her excess skin. Since she posted that photo, the response has been overwhelming.

Anderson is really just your average twentysomething woman, albeit with impeccable style and eyebrows that scream "on fleek."

From her pictures, she's also dazzlingly statuesque.

If you're ever short on inspiration, Anderson's courage and sincerity should be more than enough to get you motivated.

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