Guests Perform A Powerful Haka For A Tearful Bride And Groom At Their Wedding


Dressed in their formalwear, guests at Benjamin and Aaliyah Armstrong's wedding turned towards the bride and groom to perform a powerful haka.

The haka, a traditional war cry and dance from New Zealand's Māori culture, can be intimidating, but it may also be performed to "welcome special guests and at celebrations," the BBC explains

According to the publication, the groom's best man organized the Armstrong wedding haka as a surprise for the couple and his brother took the lead.

At the start of the performance, captured in a video that has now gone viral, the bride, wearing a simple floral crown, looks upon the guests with tears in her eyes. Eventually, both she and the groom join in. 


"I wasn't planning on jumping in until one bridesmaid did," Aaliyah told the BBC. "I felt the need to show love and respect back. I was really blown away."

When the haka is through, the room goes silent and the wedding party embraces one another. It's an overwhelmingly emotional three minutes — but they're well-worth seeing.

Check out the full video below: 

(H/T: Mashable)


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