The MLB And The New York Yankees Just Released A Video Recreating A Scene From 'The Sandlot'


In 1993, we fell in love with "The Sandlot."

The film, in all its baseball glory, stole our hearts with a hilariously adorable cast, plenty of unforgettable scenes, and one gigantic dog.

And in one of the more memorable moments, Scotty Smalls "swipes" a Babe Ruth signed baseball and dares to play with it outside.

So much to our amusement, the MLB just released a video featuring Yankees players recreating this iconic scene. 

Specifically, Brett Gardner plays the character of Smalls, alongside Yankees Chase Headley, Brian McCann, CC Sabathia, Dellin Betances, Jacoby Ellsbury and Didi Gregorius

The results are awesome.

Watch the full video here:

Plus, with opening day just a few weeks away, there couldn't be a more perfect way to kick off the season.

Check out the outtakes too:

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