What This City Did For The U.S. Women's Soccer Team Is Actually Amazing

These women deserve all the honors.

After making history with a third FIFA World Cup trophy, the U.S. Women's National Team was honored with a famous New York City ticker tape parade. For the first time in the city's history, a women's team and a non-New York-based team were being celebrated.

NYC's well-loved ticker tape parades have also  been held with increasing rarity these days — of the total 205 parades, 130 took place between 1945 to 1965, and only four have occurred in the past 15 years, mostly to celebrate the successes of local sports teams.

The parade route followed the famous Canyon of Heroes and all 23 USWNT members were present. That notoriously hard-to-impress New Yorkers so gamely celebrated the team — a celebration that is estimated to cost some $2 million — was proof that these women won the hearts and imaginations of the nation and deserve the recognition for their success on the field.


The three-time World Cup champions hail from a country known for its relative apathy toward soccer. Their win, however, certainly contributes to the sport's burgeoning popularity in the U.S. But there are other parades that NYC honored badass women, too, such as ...

1984: XXIII Olympics medalists

Until Friday, this was the last ticker tape parade in which women were honored. The celebrated 200-plus male and female athletes, including the highly praised Mary Lou Retton, swept up a medley of medals in the '84 Olympics.

1960: Carol Heiss Jenkins

Jenkins was the last sole female athlete that New York City celebrated with the ticker tape parade. The 1960 Olympic figure skating gold medalist, now 75, told the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday that she would like to see the USWNT similarly celebrated. 

"No one's won the title three times," she said, in reference to their triple crowning. "I think when you have somebody who's done something that nobody's done before in the sport, they deserve it."

1928: Amelia Earhart

One of America's most famous women was honored at the ticker-tape parade for being the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean.

1926: Gertrude Ederle

The competitive swimmer and Olympic champion became the first woman to swim the English Channel. Ederle was greeted by some 2 million people at the ticker tape parade celebrating her achievement in 1926.

1886: Lady Liberty

An impromptu celebration on the streets of New York City broke out in 1886 during the dedication of the Statue of Liberty. It's also where the term "ticket tape parade" originated, as ticker tape was tossed out of office windows during the celebration. Today, the tape has been replaced by good ol' confetti.

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