These #ModestGoalsFor2016 Tweets are Outrageously Hilarious

"Work out for 15 minutes. Celebrate with pizza."

Many people begin the new year with the hope of sticking to their ambitious resolutions. Some want to lose weight, progress in their career, or finally get organized. 

Others are more realistic. 


If you can't keep a New Year's resolution past February, #ModestGoalsFor2016 is the trending topic you never knew you desperately needed.

And even if you're great at sticking to your New Year's resolutions, these underachieving alternatives are still insanely funny. 

Make 2016 your big year... of small successes:

Some make a resolution to learn a new language. Others take the time to get a firmer grasp on their native one:

No one can ensure their next year will be 100 percent tear-free. (Sharp corners lurk around every, well, corner.) But one woman is brave enough to try:

Everyone does their best to live by the golden rule. This year, it's been virtually reinvented:

Behold, the only workout plan you won't have to convince yourself to do every day:

They say "third time's the charm," except with this resolution:

When you're striving for that annual inch of personal growth, start your new year right by "learning" a new instrument:

When you have a fever, it's the only cure

This lovely lady knows there's no better way to start fresh than with a fresh look:

Each Monday, thousands commit wholeheartedly to this resolution... until Friday afternoon:

We've all been trying (and failing every January 2) to keep this one since elementary school:

It's not too late to declare your own #ModestGoalsFor2016. This year could be the one you finally rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, take the escalator, or even go to the bathroom without your phone. 


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