Naked Baristas Take Over A Coffee Shop And The Results Are Amazing

Creamer anyone?

In an effort to promote its new Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss creamer, Nestlé is trying to stir up as much hubbub as possible. Universally, a good way to get people to turn their heads is with nudity, and because body paint as clothing is somewhat of a legal gray area, the company decided to paint up a bunch of actors and take over an Irving Farm Coffee Roasters store in New York.

What ensued was a lot of confused, slightly embarrassed, yet very intrigued customers — in other words, the perfect ad campaign.

See some of the best reactions from the nude coffee shop on the next page:

Just a casual morning coffee except ...


This seems off.

Should ... should I ... should we ... order?

I uhhh ...*COUGH*

"It's all natural!"

Sorry, can you repeat that?


Watch a full teaser of the campaign here:

(H/T: Adweek)


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