13 Engagement Rings That Prove You Love Your Significant Other's Nerdy Side

No. 11 is pretty fantastic.

Is there anything more nerve wracking than planning a proposal? 

Even if you're almost certain how they'll respond, there's still that little, itty-bitty part of you that worries you could be wrong. While you sit and worry about that, you also have to plan where you'll do it, how you'll do it and what you'll say. Oh, and then there's actually buying a ring. 

You want it to be something that they'll love so much, they could've picked it out themselves. If your significant other is uber-nerdy, look no further. 

We've found some of the most perfect rings: 


1. Pokemon

2. R2-D2

3. PlayStation

4. Chemistry

5. Hello Kitty

6. Harry Potter

7. Superman

8. Batman

9. Jake the Dog

10. Dragon Ball Z

11. Star Wars

12. Lego

13. Star Trek


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