These 14 Images Prove Nepal Still Needs Our Help

Everyone needs to see these powerful images.

In April, a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake shook Nepal. Just over two weeks later, a second earthquake hit. These natural disasters killed more than 8,700 people and left over 23,000 injured

In the midst of such unimaginable tragedy, many countries and organizations provided relief for Nepal by sending aid workers and donating resources, food, and millions of dollars. But Nepal needs all the help it can get, so one group of photographers have taken a different approach to aid: They are using social media to make a positive impact. 

Photographer Sumit Dayal and freelance writer Tara Bedi started Nepal Photo Project (NPP) just after the first earthquake. The project is an effort to document accurate information about the loss and recovery efforts in Nepal, while sharing real stories from its people. Images with descriptive captions are shared on both their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Many are taken by professional photographers, but NPP also invites anyone to contribute photos by using #nepalphotoproject with captions related to "who," "what," "where" and "when." 

These images help bring awareness to the tragedy in Nepal, what Nepalese people go through each and every day, as well as what these people need. It's also a way to show news in powerful ways as it happens. 

Here are some things we learned from looking at the NPP: 


1. Schools reopened this week for a few hours.

2. Many schools are still covered in rubble, so temporary classrooms needed to be set up.

3. Buses are limited and overcrowded.

4. Damaged houses are being demolished by the Nepalese army.

5. There is still tons of debris being moved.

6. Volunteers are learning about design and construction to help locals rebuild their neighborhoods.

7. The Customs Department seems to have taken custody of aid supplies trucks.

8. Nepal continues to receive jolts as an aftermath effect of the earthquakes.

9. Local fundraisers are being held for victims.

10. At least 1,500 water filtration systems have been added throughout eight districts in Nepal.

11. Many people gather to learn and discuss ways to overcome their fears and sadness.

12. Some have coping strategies such as using music to channel their emotions.

13. Locals are working together to rebuild homes.

14. Residents are hopeful that their towns will return to their original glory.

You can help by donating to the Save The Children relief fund. 

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