When Neil Patrick Harris Visits Target With Ellen In His Ear, Silliness Ensues

"NPH likes bubbles."

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If there's one thing Ellen DeGeneres loves to do with her celebrity guests (besides scaring them), it's sending them out into public to embarrass themselves. This week, it was Neil Patrick Harris' turn to have a little fun with DeGeneres in his ear.

In the past, the host has had Emma Watson prank a prospective nanny, Kris Jenner prank a 99-cent store, and Adam Levine prank an unsuspecting delivery man — all while DeGeneres tells them exactly what to say and do via an earpiece. For Harris' prank, DeGeneres sends him to a Target store with his arm in a fake cast.


To start things off, DeGeneres has him sing a little made-up song as he browses, before asking one of the other customers to help him choose sparkling water. "Can you open that for me, and then just pour it in my mouth?" the host tells him to ask, and he obeys. Sure enough, the customer obliges, and Harris declares, at DeGeneres' request, "NPH likes bubbles."

The customer is incredibly patient through all of Harris' antics, including when he hypes up a funny story about Celine Dion and then decides not to finish it. "You're so nice that you stopped to do this," DeGeneres makes sure to have Harris tell him, before proceeding with even more silliness.

Check out the full prank in the video below:

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