Adorable Child Says The One Thing You Don't Want To Hear During A Wedding

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

After nearly six years of dating, Hannah Lienert was finally engaged in April 2014 to Ben, the love of her life. When the Australian couple recently tied the knot, Leinert planned every little detail of her wedding to make sure that it was perfect.

Apparently, there was one little detail that she overlooked.

In the middle of the ceremony, their wedding officiate was speaking when Hudson, their three-year-old son who was standing next to Ben, had a surprising announcement.

"When thinking people conclude what are the real values in life," the officiate said, "and come back to decide what really matters…


“…I need to poo,” said Hudson.

Gem, the groom’s sister, takes little Hudson to the restroom.

The entire ceremony halted because of the laughter.

Hannah asked, "What just happened?"

"Exactly what you thought just happened, just happened Hannah, just go with it," the officiate said, "That is the definition of being upstaged, I reckon."

After more laughter, the officiate continued the ceremony.

Hannah, believe it or not, relished the interruption.

"It has really made for a memorable moment, and I'm sure the footage will come to haunt Hudson in times to come, including his 21st!" she told Huffington Post. "The wedding day was perfect, and we enjoyed every moment."

Watch the full video:

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