A Couple Players Tried To Disrupt Russell Westbrook's Pregame Ritual And He Responded Accordingly

Let the man dance.

Russell Westbrook displays such fierce anger with every move he makes on a basketball court that to say he plays with a chip on his shoulder is a massive understatement. The guy may be on the shorter end of the NBA player height spectrum, but he drives to the basket like no one else does, and dunks with reckless abandon on the regular.

Considering his in-game persona, it's no surprise that he takes his pregame rituals very seriously. That much was evident before game 2 of his Oklahoma Thunder team's series against the Dallas Mavericks, when he was engaging in an intricate dance with rookie Cameron Payne. Enter Charlie Villanueva and Justin Anderson of the Mavs, who thought they'd get in Westbrook's head by wandering into the middle of the party.

Needless to say, Westbrook didn't take to kindly to his dance session being interrupted, shoving both players out of the way as he continued to do his thing.

Playoffs, baby:


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