This Board Game Is More Than Fun — It's Helping Kids Learn To Love Math

Helping to even the score.

Khalil Fuller may have found a way to get kids to like math.

Fuller is the creator of NBA Math Hoops, a board game that uses real NBA and WNBA player statistics to encourage kids to utilize math. But this isn't a simple task of keeping score. Instead, players must solve problems in order for their players to shoot the ball, and must figure out which players are best for various positions on the court based on historical performance.

It's a game born from what Fuller tells Fast Company was his experience as a tutor as a teenager.

"They were beautiful, energetic Black boys, and they loved basketball, and they could not stand doing their math homework," he told the publication. What's cool beyond kids learning applications such as statistical analysis and probability is that anyone can be involved, and it's helping some kids improve their math scores and learn not to fear the subject — potentially leading to careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

According to Fast Company, Fuller has launched a nonprofit called the Learn Fresh Education Company, which is the brains behind the game's initiatives and workshops for teachers. And, in addition to partnering with the two leagues, Fuller's initiative has the support of Hasbro, which produces the game for free.

Check out the video above to learn more about the game and the nonprofit.

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