Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Questions Little Girl About Whether She's Been Naughty Or Nice This Year

"I've been extra good."

Convincing Santa that you've been a good kid this year was a lot easier before everyone started taking videos with their cellphones. Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo recently reminded us of this during an annual round of "Naughty or Nice?" In the segment, they dust off their elf costumes and talk to kids about whether they deserve presents or coal this year. 

A little girl named Lucy stopped by Santa's Los Angeles workshop and sat down with Jimmy and Guillermo to talk about Christmas. She handed them two adorable handwritten notes: one for Santa and the other for Jesus. Her letter to Santa included two "I love yous," a reminder that she's nice, the list of things she hopes to get this year, and a plea to be on his "happy list." Jesus's simply says "I love Jesus" with a drawing underneath. 

"Jesus is not going to bring you any presents, though," Jimmy tells her. 

"I know. I just wanted to draw a picture for Jesus," Lucy said. 


As Jimmy interrogates her, Lucy insists she's been well-behaved all year long. 

"On a scale of 1-10, how good have you been this year?" Jimmy asks. 

"I've been extra good," Lucy says. 

Unfortunately, Lucy's mom videoed some proof that shows otherwise. 

See Lucy's reaction in the video below:

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