This Woman's Impromptu Performance Of The National Anthem At An American Landmark Will Give You Chills

She couldn't have chosen a better spot.

We hear "The Star-Spangled Banner" performed all the time in huge sporting arenas, but earlier this month one very talented woman shared her take on the National Anthem in one of the most appropriate venues imaginable — the Lincoln Memorial.

The talented tourist is named Star Swain, and she definitely lived up to her name with the impromptu performance. Video of her singing has received over 14 million views on Facebook.

"I'm scared," Swain says with a smile at the start of the video as her friend encourages her to sing.

Eventually she works up the courage, and the result is absolutely stunning. The other tourists surrounding her turn their heads to watch as Swain belts out a stirring rendition of the National Anthem. She finishes to a round of applause.

The praise for Swain's talent has now extended to the Internet, with one YouTube commenter saying it's their favorite version of the song since Whitney Houston's Super Bowl performance, adding, "As a retired Marine you made me feel awesome."

The assistant principal from Tallahassee, Florida, expressed her thanks for all the support on Facebook earlier this week.

Swain told Inside Edition of the positive response, "I could not believe it and I am so proud to represent our country like this and make people feel so good."

See the beautiful performance in the video below:


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