7-Year-Old Boy Battled Hiccups While Singing And Absolutely Nailed It

He never gave up.

Australia hosted a baseball match between the Adelaide Bite and Brisbane Bandits at Cooper's Stadium on Friday. It wasn't the actual Australian Baseball League game that everyone is talking about, but rather the rendition of the national anthem at the game that has gone viral.

7-year-old Ethan Hall, from Hallmark Music Studios, took the field before the game to sing Advance Australia Fair, their national anthem. He was in the middle of the first verse when something completely unexpected occurred.


All of a sudden, Ethan got the hiccups while singing.

Despite having the hiccups, Ethan persevered and continued to brilliantly sing the entire nation anthem.

The players couldn’t help but smile at the hiccups.

In the one-minute performance, Ethan had the hiccups about seven times and he didn't let that stop him.

Everyone gave Ethan a huge applause for his outstanding performance.

"Absolutely priceless everyone. You'd pay big money to see something like that," the broadcast announcers said on video after the performance. "That's the best I've seen all year."

Watch the full video:

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