Mother Makes Naptime A Little More Dreamy With These Imaginative Scenes

These kids accomplish more in their sleep than we will in a lifetime.

While naptime may be limited to the confines of a bed, a couch, or a floor, one mother's creativity allows her two twins, Ichika and Taichi, to explore entirely new worlds.

From pirate ships to playgrounds, UFOs to circus tents, Ayumi Omori poses her two children in imaginative scenes while they're having a snooze — creating the most entertaining images filled with nostalgia.

In the images, posted to Omori's Instagram account, Ichika and Taichi become DJs, boxing competitors, ladybugs, and other adorable characters. 

And though they might not know it yet, perhaps one day these images will help them dream up all that they can be. If nothing else, they'll at least be fun to look back on when they are older. 

Check out some of our favorite images below. 


To see another mom who had the same idea, check out  Laura Izumikawa, who took photos of her 4-month-old daughter, Joey Marie Choi.  

(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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