This Teenager Runs An Instagram Account Featuring The Beauty Of Female 'Imperfections' To Empower Women

Stretch marks and other beautiful bits of the female body.

Taylor Giavasis, the lady on the right, might just be 18 years old, but she's already changing the way women around the world think about their bodies.


Let us explain.

When Giavasis noticed that one of her close friends was self-conscious about her body, she decided to help show that friend how beautiful she is by photographing her.

"I was like, 'Let me just take pictures of you to show you,' and she let me, and she loved how they looked.'" Giavasis told MTV News. "She was so happy with them, so I was like, 'Why don't I do this for other girls?' "

The Los Angeles-based teen created an Instagram account called The Naked Diaries, and started posting photos of her close friends to help women empower each other. One thing led to another, and suddenly women from around the world were direct messaging Giavasis with their own photos and personal stories.

"I didn't fully realize what I was doing, but so many girls wrote to me and were like, 'You've changed my life, I feel so confident with myself now.' "

Scroll down to see some of the photos for yourself. Stretch marks, scars, curves — all the beautiful bits of the female body.

"We all have something about ourselves that we don't love the most, but instead of putting others down who find the beauty in what is most likely not accepted in our society, you should take the time to love yourself and while you do that, help others do the same." Giavasis writes on her Instagram account. "Hate is ugly."

Tell 'em, lady.


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