People Laugh At Their Pain By Sharing Tales Of #MyDumbInjury


We've all had injuries that did more damage to our egos than our bodies. Maybe you ended up on crutches because you tripped on a Lego, or maybe you got a nasty bruise while trying to impress someone with your dance moves. We've all been there, and Jimmy Fallon encouraged people to share their humbling tales on The Tonight Show by tweeting with the hashtag #MyDumbInjury.

These stories make us feel bad for laughing, but they're pretty funny nonetheless.

1. What are you trying to say?

2. When Lassie fails.

3. Play it cool.

4. Ho ho help please.

5. Worth it.

6. How shocking.

7. Still a hero in our book.

8. Great shot.

9. Always be heard.

See Fallon commiserate here.


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