13 #MyDumbArgument Tweets That'll Make You Never Want To Get In A Fight

"Once I got into a fight with my grandmother because she thought that Beyoncé was a type of beer."

"Are we seriously arguing about this?" 

That's a thought we've all had during a ridiculous disagreement we were having with someone else. If you're a better person than most, you stop the argument as soon as this thought crosses your mind. But let's admit it: it's way more fun to be stubborn,  continue the quarrel, and see if you can get the other person to see eye to eye.

During Jimmy Fallon's latest segment of his Hashtag game, The Tonight Show host tasked Twitter users with posting "weird, funny, or stupid" arguments they or a friend has gotten into. Users shared their stories with him using the tag #MyDumbArgument. Fallon then chooses his favorite tweets and reads them aloud with commentary on a segment on his show. 

The arguments ranged from whether or not Beyoncé was a type of beer to whether or not a leg cramp can be as painful as childbirth. 


See which tweets Fallon chose for his show in the video below:

These tweets didn't make the segment, but we loved them anyway:


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